MAY UPDATE: Please note that we will be holding our meetings online for the time being. We will return to our office at 700 Clancy Ave NE when it is safe to do so. Please follow our usual timeline below to secure a presentation slot at an upcoming meeting.

We are committed to interacting with developers as they prepare for commission hearings such as Special Land Use. Our Development Committee now has regularly scheduled meetings to begin vetting projects on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at our office at 700 Clancy for your convenience.  You will need to communicate with our staff member, Elianna Bootzin (see footer for contact info), or committee chair, Loren Sturrus ( or 616-481-1655), by noon on the Friday before the scheduled meeting that you have a project to present (including the address and type of development). Without an item on the agenda, the meeting for the month will be canceled. Please refer to the outline prepared by our Development Committee for additional information on what to expect during this process.

Below you’ll find a variety of resources. If you recommend additional content, please let us know.