Color coded context zones placed on the future land use map from NOBL's Area Specific Plan

Thank you for your interest in Belknap Lookout. We spent much of late 2021 preparing a new Development Scorecard for use in our interactions with you and your project. The link is a 2022 revision to simplify requests for projects under 4 units and those located in Monroe North. It emphasizes the characteristics and amenities that are most important to us. We encourage you to include as many as possible. These aspirations are also in line with our Area Specific Plan (part of the City’s Master Plan) and our own Strategic Plan.

Please contact to schedule your interaction with our Community Development Committee. A preliminary conversation with that group as well as broader neighborhood engagement will prepare you for your hearing at the Planning Commission. The NOBL Board will review the Committee’s recommendation and issue our official position for your hearing.

Below you’ll find a variety of additional resources. If you are a local developer, please feel free to recommend more content.




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