Public Safety

Did you know that the crime statistics for our neighborhood depend on activities actually being reported? Make sure the City’s law enforcement professionals are able to track real trends by contacting the right line at GRPD:

  • 911 – Emergency for a crime in progress, medical emergency, fire, something dangerous about to happen, or someone fleeing from a crime.
  • 616.456.3400 – Non-emergency for a crime that has taken place with no immediate threat, suspicious situation, person, or vehicle, and other non-emergency criminal activity, disturbances, and on-street drug sales where an officer response is needed.
  • 616.456.3403 or to provide further information, or to report an incident you do not expect an officer response for, but must be made for insurance purposes and to help GRPD track crime patterns in our neighborhood.
  • If you are not comfortable contacting the police directly, especially regarding an already reported crime for which more information is needed, you can get in touch anonymously with Silent Observer online or at 616.774.2345 OR TOLL FREE 1.866.774.2345.

How we can help

Home security surveys Let us know if you would like us to set up a home security survey with our GRPD Community Officer, JP Guerrero. You’re also welcome to read up on the basics here.

Bike licenses – Just like the fire department, we can apply a uniquely numbered sticker to your bicycle and place a record on file with the GRPD to assist with recovery should it be stolen.

National Night Out – We also host an annual family-friendly gathering where you can get to know your public safety officers. It’s always a lot of fun, and a great way for people who like planning parties to get involved.

Other information – Looking for tips on safety at home or in the community? We can help you find what you are looking for and arrange presentations by other entities working on specific issues or with specific populations. We’d also love to hear if you install any safety improvements like smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and motion-activated exterior lights. Use the contact page to get in touch!

NOBL’s public safety activities are a City of Grand Rapids Community Development-funded Program.