Food Justice

Food Justice is communities exercising their right to grow, sell, and eat healthy food. Healthy food is fresh, nutritious, affordable, culturally-appropriate, and grown locally with care for the well-being of the land, workers, and animals.
Watercolor style illustration of a wooden bin of vegetables
Want to learn to grow your own food?
Get started at the links below:

Did you grow too much?

Radical Grace Church hosts “The Rock” food pantry Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. You can take extra produce there!

Need a spot to garden?

Come join our Collaborative Garden at 762 North. Neighbors have been gardening here since 2017. The lot is divided up plots and meet up monthly to do gardening chores together before enjoying a community potluck. Learn more!

Is there a different kind of food you’d like to produce and sell?

Non-potentially hazardous foods can be produced in a home kitchen for direct sale to customers. Learn more about Michigan’s Cottage Food Law.

Where else can you get fresh food nearby?

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