May 13 Basketball Tournament will now be pick up games. We look forward to seeing you at Coit Park May 13 from 10 am to 1 pm.

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Neighborhood Yard Sale/Free Sale, August 5-6

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Neighborhood Yard Sale/Free Sale
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And now back to your regularly scheduled homepage:

Neighbors of Belknap Lookout was founded in 1980. Neighbors then were worried about crime and blight. In 2021, our board asked what concerns neighbors have now. Then they made a strategic plan. It lays out our goals through 2024. They also restated our mission and vision:

Mission: To empower residents of the Belknap neighborhood to identify their interests, support their own well-being, and to facilitate community health and prosperity.

Vision: A neighbor driven organization, committed to making a deep impact on the major institutions around us and collectively improving our built environment and our neighbors’ quality of life.

The actions we have planned are based on our:

Values:       Justice        Community          Quality of Life                Accountable

Four recent wins:

Aerial view of Belknap Place apartments

  • The mixed income apartments we requested behind GVSU’s Finkelstein Hall completed construction. (pictured)
  • Thanks to neighbor advocacy, the 700 and 800 blocks of Clancy have finally been resurfaced!
  • Reservoir Park is permanently closed to vehicular traffic.
  • Traffic calming improvements are being planned for Coit.
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