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Aside from participating in our board and committees, there are lots of opportunities to make Belknap Lookout a better place to live!

Code compliance – We’re so pleased to see lots of property owners taking the initiative to improve their lots. We want to be respectful of those who may already be planning to follow their lead. So, for our own activities related to code compliance, you can take part in one or more of the following steps:

– Identify properties in need of work to meet code.
– Check the properties’ code compliance status on the City’s website to make sure there is not already a citation for that issue.
– Look up property owner information on the City’s website.
– Communicate with property owners and provide information on resources like the Housing and Rental Rehabilitation Programs and Home Repair Services.
– Take before and after photos.

Mobility projects – If you like data collection or yard work, these could be the tasks for you!

For the former, we have instructions for measuring crosswalks and sidewalks to identify areas that need accessibility improvements. For the latter, as with code compliance, you can get in touch with neighbors who have vegetation blocking the sidewalk and help them tidy up the right of way.

GVSU PILOT-funded projects – We’ll be continuing/reprising many of the projects listed in our fall mailer: spaying/neutering feral cats, clearing vegetation, litter reduction (spring and fall park clean ups), and regularly emptying the 8 trash cans placed by the Rapid and hopefully installing several more. You can help by feeding, trapping, and transporting our feline neighbors, signing up to empty a trash can regularly, and following us on Facebook and/or joining our email list to get invitations to the other fun and meaningful events. Have an idea for other improvements the neighborhood could use? Let us know for future allocations.

One-time commitments – Dumpster Day and flyer distributions are two more great ways to get your feet wet without making too much of a time commitment (as is National Night Out from the public safety side). Be sure to sign up for our email list for announcements of these events.

Administrative support – We’d also love to have more help with “the business of the business”. Even simply “minding the shop” so that the office building is accessible for more of the time, or more involved tasks like fundraising. Finding new members, adding them to a database, making a neighborhood directory. Upkeep of the yard and building. Whatever appeals to you!

Know what you want to do? Contact us!

Volunteer for other organizations working in the neighborhood

You might consider volunteering with many of the groups listed as resources on the Resident page. Or, if there is an area of City government that interests you, think about applying to serve on the relevant board or commission. In addition, Coit Creative Arts Academy needs volunteers specifically during recess, while East Leonard Elementary needs one-on-one reading companions during the school day; keep in mind you will need to apply to become a volunteer for the district. You can also address City infrastructure by adopting a hydrant or choosing a catch basin buddy. If trees or parks are more your thing, check out Friends of Grand Rapids Parks.

NOBL’s neighborhood leadership development activities are a City of Grand Rapids Community Development-funded Program.