Peer Education Series: Seed Starting

March 11, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Join gardeners from Belknap and Creston at the community room in the Carrier Crest Apartments, 205 Carrier St NE, to start seeds to grow indoors for your spring garden. Thanks to Creston Neighborhood Association for hosting and neighbor Paul Haan for instruction.

Paul notes: People who attend should be ready to make a small investment if they want to try this method. It is NOT a money saver, but if folks do things well, they will get access to a wider variety of plants of their choice and a great sense of satisfaction. You can grow very healthy seedlings at home if you pay attention to some basic details. Much of the failure comes from the gimmicky stuff sold by local stores. Good soil, a little heat, adequate light, and daily attention will get good results.

Off the cuff, after the event folks should be prepared to invest in:

  • A heat mat
  • If they do not have a really good south facing window, a shop light
  • Trays for growing
  • QUALITY soil for planting, as well as soil for repotting as the plants grow
  • Pots for repotting

I can talk about what works best, what short-cuts seem to produce reasonable results, and what I have seen fail.

Supplies donated by Meijer!


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