Can’t make the commitment to a yearlong committee assignment or more? No problem! There are plenty of one-off opportunities to engage in our work. Here’s some of what you’ll hear about by signing up for email announcements:


  • Help landscape 6 sites
  • Host/attend Perennial Exchange
  • Host/attend Dumpster Day
  • Host/attend 3 peer education sessions

Community Development

  • Offer feedback on construction projects being planned in the neighborhood.
  • Attend a Community Master Plan Session with the City of Grand Rapids.
  • Attend Belknap Hill focus groups with the Downtown Development Authority.
  • Advocate for snow removal and trash can maintenance in the City budget process.
  • Attend homeownership classes.


  • Host/attend Tour de Food Trucks
  • Host/attend basketball tournament
  • Host attend Summer Celebration (a block party/board social)
  • Host/attend National Night Out (re-imagined as a neighborhood yard sale/stuff swap)
  • Host/attend a farm to table fundraising dinner
  • Host/attend a walkathon
  • Host/attend a blood drive

Public Safety

  • Connect neighbors in hot spots
  • Host/attend Public Safety Town Halls
  • Help prepare our neighbor directory

Racial Equity

  • 4 opportunities to hear an issue speaker and give input on what position we should adopt.
  • Follow the position development to its presentation to the NOBL board.
  • Participate in issue advocacy after position adoption by the NOBL board.

Neighbor-led Projects

Want to recommend another opportunity? Get in touch!
Currently scheduled opportunities can be found on our events page.

Gloved gardener putting a tomato plant in the ground

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