Speak Out for Equity

Looking for basic information on “what is racial equity?” and “why does it matter?” Start with our Justice tab. But let’s boil it down to a quick example:

Who owns their own home in Belknap Lookout: a third of Belknap Lookout residents own their own homes, but that drops to a quarter of Hispanic residents and a mere 3% of African American residents.

This is just one instance of the disparate impact of the systems we live in. They have a disproportionate impact on people of color. We are determined to make a difference in these systems. We need your help to do it.

Have you experienced discrimination in accessing housing as a tenant? (More broadly this can include discrimination based on not just race or color but also religion, gender (including sexual orientation and gender identity), familial status, national origin, disability, marital status, or age.) You can report this type of discrimination with the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan.

Have you experienced discrimination in another area? Citizens of Grand Rapids of any protected class who feel they have been discriminated against in housing, employment, public accommodation, contracting, or biased crime reporting can fill out a report with the City’s Office of Equity and Engagement. Anything the city cannot help you with directly, they will refer you to the proper agency that can help with your claim.

Is there a reason you don’t feel included by us here at NOBL? Please let us know using our Contact page so we can engage with you on making our own processes more inclusive.

What can you look forward to from our Racial Equity Committee in 2023?

  • 4 opportunities to hear an issue speaker and give input on what position we should adopt.
  • Follow the position development to its presentation to the NOBL board.
  • Participate in issue advocacy after position adoption by the NOBL board.

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